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Introducing the VZC-37 Ring. Apart of the 'A Reflection of your soul' Capsule Collection. A piece exquisitely crafted to nothing less than a true masterpiece. Made using the finest 316L Stainless Steel on the market, making it both waterproof and sweatproof Guaranteed.

    • Hypoallergenic 316L stainless steel (No Green Skin)
    • Water, Heat & Sweat-Proof
    • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

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    1. cut out a 10cm long, narrow strip of paper →

    2. wrap it length-ways around the finger you would like to wear the ring on →

    3. mark the end of the overlap with a pen →

    4. measure the marked distance with the ruler →

    5. The result in millimeters then corresponds to your ring size.

    - Custom 77INDUSTRY® storage bag

    - Free exclusive Stickers

    - Personalized Care Card

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    • Delivery time USA 7-10 business days (ESTIMATED)

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